Massage Treatments

Relaxation Massage

A massage blend of flowing techniques using light to moderate pressure to help the body loosen up and decompress.

$65   - 30 Min.
$110 - 60 Min.

Hot Stone Massage

Make any massage better, just add hot stones. Enjoy a little piece of our healing mountains with stones that have been hand collected right here from the local South Lake Tahoe creeks and rivers.

.$175 - 90 Min.

Deep Tissue Massage

Designed with pain relief in mind, our deep tissue is a therapeutic style of massage integrating a variety of modalities to

address problematic ares of the body.

$120 - 60 Min.
$160 - 90 Min.
$210 - 2 Hours

Fascia Release

 Using techniques such as friction, skin dragging, lifting, rolling and dynamic cupping.

This style aims to release the fascia matrix in three dimensions. We recommend this type of work be booked as multiple sessions for best results.

$120 - 60 Min.
$160 - 90 Min.

Body Buffing


*OUT CALL AVAILABLE for groups of 3 or more, advanced booking required and travels apply. Call for more information .

About Candice

Therapeutic Massage

With an impressive background and ceaseless passion for helping others, Candice is the perfect fit to assist in reaching your whole body wellness. Her personalized, results-oriented approach has made a huge impact on countless clients.

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